Kenya’s Masai Mara is one of Africa’s most popular and sought-after wildlife conservation and a premier safari destination and the treasure of Kenya. The Savannah grasslands with flat-topped Acacia trees, shrubs, and bushes across most of the Reserve stretch over 500 square miles, dotted with rolling hills. Masai Mara offers visitors a diverse wildlife spotting experience all year round. With the abundance of games, animal spotting is the highlight of this trip.

Generally, Kenya is the most expensive destination among all other countries. However, to support lodges and tourists who have all been affected by the pandemic from the last two years, prices are made most affordable. Take advantage of the special prices and plan your visit to Masai Mara at an exceptional rate.

A recommended property within the Reserves of Masai Mara is Mara Sarova Game Camp, with the best proximity to the game. Superb hospitality, the warmth of the staff, scrumptious meals will all set you for the most exciting experience that awaits you as you begin your journey in the majestic Mara. There is abundant wildlife right around the Lodge. You are sure to find many thrilling wildlife engagements. The prices are most affordable at this time, starting at USD $380 per person sharing in a group.

To add to this excitement, the Balloon Safari is highly recommended. Balloon Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Apart from experiencing the wild by road, the experience of Safari from the Hot Air Balloon gliding of the plains of Mara is truly exhilarating and memorable. The balloon takes off at 6 am at the break of dawn, gently gliding over the Savannah plains. It offers an impressive top view of the wildlife action happenings in the Mara.

From up above, the landscape catches on a new life. From the hot air balloon, you can see how the Mara River snakes through the Reserve, providing water to its wildlife.

The flight is about an hour, followed by a “Champagne Breakfast” in the Bush, adding excitement. Upon landing, you will be driven to the Breakfast site, where the catering staff awaits you with a hot and delicious sit-down breakfast and chilled Champagne or Sparkling wine. You will be driven back to your hotel, en route offering you a short but most memorable safari game drive.

Masai Mara is a family safari destination. It is a unique opportunity to show your children the wild animals in their natural habitat—a unique experience for the entire family. Many families travel with friends and their families in a group to optimize transport costs.

Masai Mara inspires you with its spell-bound nature and the unique sounds in the wild. Make your reservations in advance to avail the best possible accommodation located within the Reserve to avoid long trips in and out of the Reserve.

Now, I know you might have a handful of questions, such as safety in times of Covid? When can we travel for the best experience at the best rates? Is it safe to travel with kids, etc., etc.?

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